Any type of wired sensor can be connected to our wireless alarm systems, our systems support both wireless and wired sensors.

On the DIY alarms no EOL resistors are used. You can either use a N/C or N/O sensor and wire it directly to the alarm system. When you switch the alarm system on it will automatically check to see if the connected sensor is N/O or N/C.

The unused wired zones can be left not wired, when the alarm starts up it will allocate those non wired zones as N/O zones.

The pro alarm systems can work as above as well as with an EOL resistors (2.2k), each wired zone need to be set manually as either N/O, N/C, EOL or disabled.

Both the DIY and Pro alarm systems make it easy to connect wired sensors to the systems. Some customers prefer wired sensors but have in many cases no choice but to also use wireless sensors outside due to problems like building structures and paving problems. These customers can now also protect their outside parameter without undergoing huge installation costs like having to break up drive ways and so on for cabling.

Note: our panels can not supply power to outdoor sensors (The Pro system can power a couple of sensors only) and it is advices that a separate power supply is used for wired sensors.

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